As a patent attorney or a technical PR professional, you need a translation service provider that will never let you down. Your job is complex enough without having to worry about substandard translations causing what could be serious issues.

Lodestar Translations is a partnership of professional, specialised translators you can trust to deliver the accurate results you need.

Paul Clarke FITI
French, German and Italian into English

Charlotte Couchman FITI
French, German and Spanish into English

About us.

We both have over 30 years of experience in the world of translation, so there isn’t much in the worlds of intellectual property and technical PR translations that we haven’t come across.

As a partnership, we’re totally dedicated to technical translations, so you can rest assured that we’re familiar with the document type and format that you require.

Charlotte began her freelance translation career in 1985. Paul started out in staff translation jobs with the UK Civil Service and ICI Chemicals & Polymers Ltd. before becoming a freelance translator in 1993.

Since then, we’ve both worked with large numbers of direct clients on a wide range of projects.

Even after so many years in the industry, we still believe the learning process never stops and are always honing our craft to ensure all our clients get the highest quality translations.

We spend part of the year working from Normandy, and the remainder of our time at home in England.

For more details about our experience and education, take a look at our CV.

Our affiliations


Leitstern-Übersetzungen OÜ

With the future in mind, we also own a company in the EU, Leitstern-Übersetzungen OÜ.

This means our clients based in the EU can be sure that they will be able to continue trusting us with their translations with no financial implications or complex red tape, whatever the future holds.

We provide exactly the same services through both Lodestar and Leitstern, the two separate companies only existing to help make your life easier depending on your location.

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